Let’s Collaborate!


Website Review with Consultation


Review: Does My Site Work?:

  1. Analytics

  2. SEO

  3. Links

  4. Social Links

  5. Opt Ins

  6. Overall Look

  7. Mobile Settings

  1. Consultation: What Improvements Does it Need?:

    1. Review findings

    2. Suggestions for performance improvement (pdf document provided)

    3. Overall design improvement

  2. Action Plan.

Price: $495

Additional charge for implementing fixes and changes.


Changes To Your Current Site: You have a site but need some changes.


  1. Phone consultation

  2. Client provides details to changes

  3. Action plan with timeline

Price: Starting at $150


Have a site but just need to know how to use it?

We can train you to make your own changes!

Want us to handle things for you? No problem!

Strategic direction, creative design, website development and support.